What do we do?

At AISTARS, we provide IP-protected AI personality services. In today's online landscape, more and more companies are offering services where users can interact with AI copies of famous personalities. However, most of these are not authorized to use these personas. At AISTARS, we aim to provide a solution to this problem.

We will create your AI personality which can be used and monetized in various ways. These can be used for entertainment purposes, social media, games, and basically anything, the possibilities are endless. Imagine that instead of just being in one place, you can be in millions of places at the same time. If your personality already exists in our chatbot application, this means that we have created it for you and you can claim it or request it to be deleted.

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Quality AI Personalities

Our partner company, Neuron Solutions, will play a crucial role in the development and continuous improvement of your AI persona. We will work closely with them to fine-tune LLM models and ensure that they accurately reflect the personality, style, and messaging of the client. Based on the number of available data sources we will create different levels of these personalities. The simpler ones will be created using questionnaires with a few hundred fine-tuning pairs. To create more nuanced personalities, we will use publicly available data including social media posts, interviews, and other public appearances. To create the most precise models, we will utilize our dynamic NFT technology which will ensure that private data such as messaging and emails can be used to fine-tune the model, without anyone actually accessing the dataset.

Legal protection

By registering your AI person with us, you take ownership of the persona through AISTARS. Through, ownership - should a dispute arise, AISTARS will provide the owner with legal support to assist in resolving any pending ownership conflicts.